As some of us enter week two of self isolation, we wanted to share some tips from our community of creatives. 

"no excuses just because your gym is closed."

Kimberley Akello

To keep sane you gotta keep active, so...

1. Home workouts. Summer is creeping, so get your body right. No excuses just because your gym is closed.

2. Binge Netflix but do it on Netflix party.

3. Late night drives with some 90’ music playing, clear your head or have a one man karaoke.

4. Nap ladies, let the skin rest. No make up when you’re indoors.

5. If you got a bae, quarantine together.

"Its an education in emotions and will help you better manage your own mental health "

Josiah Edwards

1. Stretch routine every morning, a full body stretch should take 30-45 minutes. Try Youtube if you don't know where to start.

2.Read poetry where you can find it. Its an education in emotions and will help you better manage your own mental health, especially if you have to spend a lot of time alone.

3. Learn that old skill you started to pick up, but due to circumstance never developed. Finish that painting or verse, start chapter two of that know what I'm saying. 

4. Strike up an unlikely friendship...Make a new group chat and bring some people you know together who don't know each other. Share new ideas, memes, jokes, games and knowledge.

5. Pick up a new skill, whether its reading musical notes or learning to code, fuck even card tricks. Getting good at something will keep you feeling competent.

Oh yh, masturbation doesn't cure boredom. 

"Smoke some weed, because duh why not..."

Prince Ugorji

1. Talk to yourself. As much as isolation means being forced to spend time with family, it also means you have more time to reflect on yourself & meditate. Talk to yourself about your fears, your wants, things you love about yourself, things that you want to change.

2. Manage how much time you spend on social media. It’s obvious that staying home will make you want to procrastinate more, but I try to encourage myself to do other things to pass the time. FaceTime a friend, paint, draw, moodboard an idea for a project you’ve been meaning to start on. Read that book you were suppose to start months ago.

3. Watch a film or 2. Haha...well this is a little bias because I love films, but it’s a great way to get inspiration, especially as an artist. I think it’s always handy to put yourself in the shoes of another character, it allows you to analyse personality better. Films for me, reflect the way people’s minds operate.

4. Smoke some weed, because duh why not...
5. Make a list of things that you can start doing now, that can be complete once the quarantine is over.

"everyone is doing it and doing it in their very own way"

Caleb Femi

1. Watch or read something from your childhood.

2. Keep active.

3. Discover new music.

4. Catch up with old friends & family.
5. Cook.
I'm going to be honest with you though, giving isolation tips is a little be of a tricky one. This is a new thing for everyone, do you know what I mean. In that way, you can't give tips on it, everyone is doing it and doing it in their very own way. Thats why it is difficult to produce a list with anything thats interesting. Theres some people making a TiK ToK videos and doing all of these things, but man I'm just here working man, I'm just here writing. 

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Editors Note:

In this time of uncertainty and panic buying, lets not forget to take care of ourselves and support those most vulnerable.

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